Mon 13th Sep 2021

Head Endurance Coach Nick Anderson shares his latest update on training (& racing) strategies for the coming fortnight.

Hi everybody,

Big thank you to Parky for covering last week whilst myself and Tamsin were away for a few days in the Forest of Dean and then I was away at the Brighton marathon weekend. Huge well done to Cathy and the team with the Treloars long run event over the weekend too. Pics look amazing and the after run food even better! I keep seeing lots of great long run data and the marathons next month are looking very good for you all!

Don’t forget we are back on the track tomorrow!! All other Tuesdays will alternate between the track and grass and Thursdays will be based from KG5 next door on the grass all the time. I’m also planning for Thursdays to include hills and threshold blocks in town on the rd from October as we return to the streets in the autumn and winter months. Much of this will be centred around Blue Ball Hill & St John’s St.

Our return to the track is open to all from endurance/rd running and I hope you can all join us. We will have lanes 2 & 3 exclusively (lane one not in use). I hope to also secure lane 4 for jogging and space soon. Please warm up on the rd (if warming up on the grass please bring a change of shoes for the track) and be by the 200m start for 6.50pm to start our drills. Our session will start just after 7pm and we have the track until 8pm. It may be wise to warm done on the rd or grass etc and the club house will be open with some covid measures still in place.

Our assistant coaches and run leaders will work with me to help manage our groups as we wont want than 8-12 in each cluster. I will also help with some track training and best practice tips for all in our first few sessions back. So you are all welcome and the track belongs to all of the club once again on club nights!

Our nights on KG5 are always popular and the lights will be in place on each cone all winter once the clocks change or sooner. The use of the track and KG5 alternating should give us the perfect balance for rd and XC work.

Good luck if racing Lordshill this weekend 19th Sept and don’t run too far if VLM is in your plans. No more than 2 hours this close to the big day.
Good luck also for our Road Relay teams racing at Crystal Palace on 26th Sept

Keep up the good work,

W/C 13th September

Monday - easy runs and core with Parky

Tuesday WADAC Session on the TRACK - 1200 Or 1600 @ threshold + 4 x 400 @ 5k pace (45) All x 2-3 sets with 2-3 mins between sets.

Wednesday - 45-60 easy run & core

Thursday WADAC threshold session at KG5 OR 3 x 10 mins @ threshold off 2-3 min recovery jog if in marathon mode or 5,4,3,2,1 mins fartlek off 90 jog if racing Lordshill 10k Sunday

Friday Rest

Saturday Easy runs if tired or racing tomorrow.


5 x 3 mins @ XC effort off 90 jog + 8 x 30-45 second hill off 90 jog

Sunday - HRRL Lordshill 10k…good luck if racing!


2 hours easy if in marathon mode and 2 weeks to London

If in rd/XC mode then 90 - 145 easy

W/C 20th September

Monday - easy runs and core with Parky

Tuesday WADAC session grass KG5 - 6 mins threshold (90) + 6-10 x 1k on the outer KG5 loop. (90)

Wednesday 45 easy & Core

Thursday WADAC Threshold Session at KG5 OR 45-60 mins with 8-10 x 2 min threshold/2 min steady as continuous run.

Friday Rest

Saturday 45-60 easy if tired. If racing VLM next weekend consider a fast 5k park run or a sprightly Road Relay effort to sharpen up….OR 6 threshold (3) + 8-10 x 45 second hill (90) + 6 threshold if looking forward to XC season soon.

Sunday - 75 easy if racing VLM next week OR 90-1.45 easy if in XC/winter rd mode already.

Nick Anderson