Sun 26th Sep 2021

Head Endurance Coach Nick Anderson shares his latest update on training (& racing) strategies for the coming fortnight.

Hi Everybody,

Please find below my training thoughts for next 2 weeks, an important period as many of you will be putting all that training on the line in the VM London Marathon. Taper well and Good luck to you all.

I’m away this week coaching in Malta and Parky is leading the coached sessions. We're on the Track again this Tuesday so please keep your discipline and work in small groups with our assistant coaches in the usual way. Those doing VLM only 4 x 800 after the threshold and keep all easy. Others can push harder.

We move to Blue Ball hill and river walk Thursday October 7th for the winter mix of hills and intervals/threshold.

Lot’s of great results out there and thanks Cathy for updating the website so regularly. Looks great….

All the best,

W/C 27th September

Monday - easy runs and core with Parky

Tuesday WADAC Session on the TRACK - 6 mins threshold (3) + 4-7 x 800 hard (90). Those running VLM run 4 at controlled 10k -threshold feel…not hard!

Wednesday - 45-60 easy run & core / 30-40 easy if running VLM

Thursday WADAC threshold session at KG5 or 45 incl 5,4,3,2,1 all picking up to threshold effort off 90 second easy run recovery……don’t race it and run at threshold pick ups. Easy 30 if running VLM

Friday Rest

Saturday Easy 15-20 min runs if running VLM tomorrow.
6 mins @ threshold effort off 90 jog + 8-10 x 30-45 second hill off 90 jog + 4 x 2 mins hard on flat at XC pace off 90 jog

Sunday 90-1.45 easy/steady effort with some off rd and hilly/undulating.

Good luck to those running VLM

W/C 4th October

Monday - easy runs and core with Parky

Tuesday WADAC session grass KG5 - 3 or 4 sets of 3min, 2 min , 1 min all off 75-90 (3 min @ XC pace, 2 min @ 5k pace, 1 min @ 3k pace). Jog for 90 seconds between each rep …these aren’t 6 min blocks.

Wednesday 45 easy & Core

Thursday WADAC Threshold & Hills Session at KG5 OR 45-60 mins if tired. Meet at KG5 for drills then we head to Blue Ball Hill/S John’s Rd for hills and follow this with threshold along River walk.

Friday Rest

Saturday 45-60 easy if tired. Or 45 mins with 25 mins @ threshold built in.

Sunday 90-1.45 hilly/undulating long run all easy/steady

Nick Anderson