Fri 12th Nov 2021

From 7th November

Head Coach of the U11 academy Mark Wharton with Assistant Coach Steve Torrance held an U11 sportshall individual competition last Sunday at King's school.

Sportshall is the first step of competitive athletics for our youngest members and the competition was well attended with 39 young athletes taking part each taking part in 6 events with their position score in each event (1st = 1, 2nd = 2 and so on) adding up to a cumulative points total with the athlete with the lowest total winning the event. The event provuided valuable practice ahead of the first Hampshire league sportshall match in Portsmouth on Sunday.

The results are shown below with Zoe Jack winning the girls event followed by Issie Mountford and Ava Gibbs and Felix Scalter won the boys event followed by Evan Perry and Chistopher Wood.

Girls results.

U11 Girls Sportshall Results Winchester Ac 07 11 21

Boys results

U11 Boys Sportshall Results Winchester Ac 07 11 21