Mon 22nd Nov 2021

The update of all track & field records from the Spring & Summer now complete.

The final set of records from our glorious track & field summer have now been updated, these being our youngest age group the U11's.

The girls were in record breaking form with Amalie Calliste breaking the 75m record and Lexie Divers and Zoe Jack finding space in the all time top 3 in the same event. Ava Cassia went 2nd in the all time 600m lists and Lexie also broke the long jump record and the overall quad kids points total record with Ava just behind in the all time list.

The cumulative quads kids record (best 4 scores) and 2nd best record were also broken with Alisia Spurrier and Amber Price also contributing to these and finally the 3rd best overall cumulative score (best 4 scores boys & girls) was also achieved with Tom Pate, Felix Sclater, Greg Blackburn and Leo Davies-Pratt adding the best boys scores.

For the boys as well as the 4 boys contributing to the overall cumulative score mentioned above, Rory Reid-Thomas went 3rd on the all time howler lists.