Manorfarm21Flying Wayne

Mon 15th Nov 2021

Winchester's men team powered to victory at the Manor Farm CC6 race with Wayne Bevan leading the way.

The second CC6 race took place at a new course around Manor Farm and the River Hamble Country Park. The high turnout complimented the men team's winning on the day with Wayne Bevan flying in 4th, David Comb 8th, Will Harding 10th and Phil Hurst completing the team in 16th, beating off strong performances from Southampton Tri and Romsey. A further 14 men made up for a redoubtable turn out including, Jack Rowland, Andy Costello, Steve Oliver, Kevin Frisby, Dean Rawlins, Mark Craven, Stephen Lowy, Paul Horler, Peat Allen, Colin McManus, Rick Munro, Martyn West, Steve Goodwin and Peter Watts. Karen Rushton led the women in with a formidable 3rd, resulting in 6th for the team supported by CC6 debutante Kirsty Rowland 28th and ever present Joy Radford 39th. The next race will be at Stoney Cross on the 12th December, see if you can join in the glory?