Mon 13th Dec 2021

Due to the rising numbers of Covid we’ve decided to move the fourth Speed Workshop from the Leisure Centre to the Track. Due to being at the track, the workshop will start at 7pm.

Since we are moving outside we will need to change the focus, so instead of more strength and conditioning type work we will focus on Maximum Velocity running.

The session will roughly comprise:

1. Warm Up

2. Mobilisation work with Hurdle Walkovers

3 Split into 2 groups:

  • Group 1: 30m flying sprints at maximum velocity. Each athlete should get 2 or 3 runs at maximum velocity, with 5-7 mins rest in between. We will try and time these.
  • Group 2: Mini hurdle runs to improve posture and leg turnover rate.

4. Swapover the groups

5. If time available, some ladder drills and games

6. Cool down and stretch.

Summarising again: Speed Workshop 4, 16 December, 6.45 pm meet outside the clubhouse, start at 7pm. Finish by 8.30.

See you all there!

Ps. Don’t forget to ask Santa for a foam roller!