Sun 30th Jan 2022

Head Endurance Coach Nick Anderson shares his thoughts and the latest update on training (& racing) strategies for the coming fortnight.

Hi everybody,

Good to see so many of you at the Tuesday evening WADAC track sessions. We had a record 85 attend last week and I can see this number growing further soon. Everything is working really well and a big thank you again to our assistant coaches and run leaders for helping once we break into our smaller groups for the main session after drills each week. This wouldn’t work without their help and also your own good track etiquette. Keep considering the following and thank you for doing a great job:

  1. Let’s always try to run no wider than 2 shoulder to shoulder and use lane 2 for our traffic flow (unless told to run in lane one) with lane 3 only for additional overtaking when required on a lap.
  2. When finishing a rep exit onto the inside of the track and then cross back over to your drinks or the wider group only when it's clear.
  3. Only exit a rep to the outside if you know nobody is about to overtake or is close behind you.
  4. If somebody shouts track continue to run in lane 2 as you have right of way but if stationary in another lane either step out of the way (if time) or stand still if unsure. The oncoming athlete can then move around you on this occasion.
  5. When on a recovery segment waiting for your next interval try to keep away from the inner lanes and jog only in the very outside lanes or on the perimeter pathway.
  6. Lane 5 is used by a speedy hurdles group who sometimes run 400’s so listen to my shouts of 'lane 5 clear and track’ from time to time.

Please get your entries in for the Salisbury 10 if you haven’t already and register for the Welsh Castle and/or chat with George Bellfield if you have any questions.

Finally, we are very keen to put in more than one team for the Southern Rd relays on March 27th at Milton Keynes. A great event with hundreds of clubs from around the South taking part. Our men are already busy organising at least one team but we are keen to take at least 2 with alternating shorter and longer legs on the day. This was certainly a major fixture on my own racing calendar for decades and our own WADAC women have also won their event a few times over the last 20 years. Perhaps we can get a few ladies teams out with the 6 to score format. All fab fun and perhaps a warm up for those heading to the Welsh castles later this summer. Entry is by team managers (Sam Parky & Steve Oliver) so please sign-up via the WADAC website SEAA Relays

Keep up the good work everybody,


W/C 31st January

Monday - easy runs

Tuesday - WADAC Session on the track or 1200 @ threshold + 5-6 x 800 fast at 5k pace off (90) + 3-4 x 400 (60) @ 3k pace

Wednesday - 45-60 easy run & core

Thursday - Harestock Handicap No2 - 19.30 first start at the bus-stop but be there early to get handicaps sorted, please contact Steve for further details. No evening training this week.

Friday - Rest

Saturday - If tired please run 45 easy. If you feel good and aren’t racing tomorrow aim for 45 - 60 mins with 30 mins @ threshold effort. Then 6-8 x 30 sec hill fast off (75 jog)

Sunday - Ryde 10 HRRL or 90 mins - 2 hours easy pace

W/C 7th February

Monday - easy runs & core with Parky

Tuesday - WADAC TRACK 4-6 x 1200 off (90) at 5k-10k pace. Then 2-3 min recovery and 3-4 x 400 @ 3k pace (60)

Wednesday - 45-60 min easy run

Thursday - 7pm meet River Walk for threshold & hills…4 x 7 mins (2) + 6 x 45 sec hill after

Friday - Rest

Saturday - 60 mins easy ready for a long run with threshold tomorrow.

Sunday - 90min-1h45 with last 45 incl 2 x 2 miles @ threshold off 5 min easy run recovery.

Nick Anderson