Tue 24th May 2022

Report from Swindon from SAL Team Manager Sarah Gordon

Sunday 22nd May – Round 1 SAL, Swindon

The weather gods were shinning on us at Swindon, dry, Sunny and warm.

After we had all navigated the magic roundabout, competition time could begin.

Our throws coaches stepped up to the mark at the competition. Even competing in events, they don’t even coach. Jeremy Clifton completed in High Jump (2nd A string), Hammer with a new PB 27.63m and achieving a power of 10 ranking, shot and finally Javelin. Next up was Martin, stepping in to fill a high jump slot on the day, followed by Hammer (2nd B string), finishing off with discus. We also had Shelly Parr competing in discus (1st A String).

Great work was seen by those stepping up to their first senior competition, throwing heavier equipment, and competing with adults.

Erin McBriar – Hammer

Abi Belward – Shot with a new PB

Harry Jones – Javelin

Alex Beck - 400m

Fabio Ali-Fogarty - 200m, 400m

Tom Hicks in 1500m, 800m

Sello Mtshweni – Pole vault

Tabitha Williamson – 100m

Amy Wall – Long Jump

Carys Jeffries 100m, Long jump

Ben Bewick – long jump, triple jump

Mia Judd – High jump

Harry Wilson – 1500m, 800m

A few more personal bests were achieved during the day. Jasmine Gordon, Javelin 34.46m. Laura Clark equalled her PB in 200m. Mia Judd, high jump 1.61m. Hopefully I haven’t missed anyone.

Adrian Fautly in his first ever SAL appearance for us, won the 5,000m A race. Calum won the 5,000m B race and Pete Sansome was 2nd in the 2,000m steeplechase setting a new V45 record for the club. Lucy Elliott won the ladies A 5,000m. Well done all.

The day was finished by 4 fabulous relay teams. We managed men’s and women’s 4x100m and 4x400m, with the mens 4x100m team equalling senior mens 2nd best club performance.

Big thanks goes out to our officials for the day – Stuart, Jo, Tony, Ernie and Mike Gordon.

Mike was assisting with pole vault and able to witness first hand an British and European record being broken. Although it wasn’t one of our team I feel this man deserves a mention, and show ages doesn’t matter. The records were set for Mens over 75yr age group. The Swindon athlete set the British record at 2.80m and European record at 3.01m. He did try for the world record but did quite make it.

Thank you to everyone who took part, it was a great team day. Keep up the great work and hopefully we can have a full team for the next SAL – only a couple of events to fill.

Overall competition results:

Team Kennett – 80

Andover – 92

Swindon – 188

Winchester - 229