Fri 3rd Jun 2022

Congratulations to Matt Gleed on winning the Harestock Handicap for the first time. Matt was a clear winner of the June Handicap from Bracken Dawson in 2nd and Steve Oliver 3rd.

Perfect conditions once again for the handicap with the sun shining and the streets quiet....why go on holiday when it's so lovely at home?

Matt Gleed was a clear winner on the night with a handicap smashing run of 6'41 finishing well ahead of the field and blasting his way onto the sub-7 honours board. More than a whiff of competition then around the start area as Matt & second placed Bracken Dawson sized each other up before their start time came round.

Bracken does however have sub-7 form so his 6'49 was a little more routine and easily enough to pass and keep Steve Oliver (7'14) back in third place. On a good night for the handicapper there were 8 athletes in the blanket finish just behind SteveO.

Interestingly the top three were all visible doing their threshold loops in the Harestock area before the start, there may be something to this warming-up business after all! Generally folks use the Handicap as "something of substance" within their Thursday training runs....either a race effort in a block of thresholds or as a race effort pick-up in the midst of a long run. Either way works (usually depends on how convenient it is for folks to get to Harestock) just this month the threshold contingent had it.

No event newbies tonight but we welcomed Gill Goodwin and Adrian Field back for their first handicap appearances of the year.

Half-way through the year (already!) but that means there are still many events (and discards) still to come so the overall title (and trophy) is really still up for grabs....just get involved and the winner could be you. It's always the first Thursday of the month.

If you must know John Mills is currently sitting top of the pile but there has been a bit of a shake-up in the chasing pack with Louise Snook and Ian Parker now together in second ahead of Mikaela Price and Steve Oliver. Only 2 athletes still (John Mills and Louise Snook) in with a chance of 12 out of 12.

The next race in the Harestock Handicap series of the first Thursday of July, the 7th of July, be there ready to race at 19.30 or join us for some warm-up threshold work round the Westman mini-loop from 19.00.