Harestock Handicap Results - December 2018

Fri 7th Dec 2018 Steve Oliver

Adrian Haughton won the December handicap with a comfortable margin over the rest of the field. Stuart Outterside was second with Adrian Field third.

Harestock Handicap Results - November 2018

Fri 2nd Nov 2018 Steve Oliver

Adrian Field won the November handicap with a comfortable margin over the rest of the field. Matt Lavers was second with one of our event newbies, Andrew White, home in third.

Harestock Handicap Results - October 2018

Thu 4th Oct 2018 Steve Oliver

Lee Hayes won the October handicap in a close finish from Steve Oliver, Matt Lavers and Rob Weekes

Harestock Handicap Results - Sep 2018

Sun 9th Sep 2018 Steve Oliver

On a night for fast times Paul Cox (on debut at the event) won the September Handicap from another debutant, Dave Gaskell with Steve Goodwin in third and flying the flag for the experienced previous participants.

Harestock Handicap Results - Aug 2018

Fri 3rd Aug 2018 Steve Oliver

Mark Craven won the August Handicap from Alan Hitch and Louise Snook

Harestock Handicap Results - July 2018

Tue 24th Jul 2018 Steve Oliver

Sarah Shedden was a clear winner of the July Handicap from Steve Goodwin and Paul Mayton

Harestock Handicap Results - June 2018

Tue 26th Jun 2018 Steve Oliver

Brad Phillips makes a winning debut at the Harestock Handicap from a returning Alan Hitch with another fast newbie Jono Brown in third

Harestock Handicap Results - May 2018

Thu 3rd May 2018 Steve Oliver

Matt Lavers wins a very entertaining Harestock Handicap from Rob Weekes and Adrian Haughton

Harestock Handicap Results - April 2018

Thu 5th Apr 2018 Steve Oliver

Robert Bryan won the Harestock Handicap for April 2018 from Carrie Oliver in 2nd and Mikaela Price in 3rd.

Harestock Handicap March 2018

Fri 9th Mar 2018 Steve Oliver

Colin McManus wins the Harestock Handicap for March 2018, closely followed by Lloyd Dickson and Paul Mayton