"Concentrate on technique and the rest will follow."
Disciplines Long Jump, Triple Jump, Sprints, Hurdles, Throws and basic high jump
Ages Under 13 to Under 20
Days Tuesday and Thursday evenings, Saturday mornings
My coaching background It all started in September 2009 when I was bringing my eldest daughter along to quadkids, this is when I started to help out with the sessions, raking the sand pit etc. I moved around most of the events in the early days and eventually found my niche in jumps. WADAC put me through some coaching courses and I became a fully qualified Athletics Coach. I also started to coach hurdles in 2014.
Why I enjoy coaching I get great satisfaction out of the success of the athletes knowing that I have helped them achieve their goal.
My sporting history I wasn’t an athlete as a child; Rugby was my sport until I gave it up in my mid teens.
The best advice I was given Believe in yourself, as your coach believes in you.