"Keep it positive! All the training in the world means nothing without proper recovery and life balance. Balancing all the training and non-training elements and feeling positive and motivated will see your training count."
Disciplines Endurance, sprints plus Strength and Conditioning (S&C).
Ages Juniors, seniors and vets
Days Tuesday and Thursday evenings
My coaching background I have been a full time endurance sport coach for the last 6 years working with RunningwithUs and I am the lead running coaching consultant to Adidas in the UK. I coach a mix of juniors and seniors, beginners through to elites from 800m – marathon and ultra marathon including athletes competing for and challenging for England and GB vests.

I work with multi-sport athletes including coaching a World AG Duathlon Champion. I am also a Strength & Conditioning coach and personal trainer focusing principally on S&C and rehab for endurance athletes.

I have been head coach at Mornington Chasers Running Club, Kings College Triathlon Club and others. In a previous life I worked overseeing coach development for sportscoachUK and Sport England.
Why I enjoy coaching There is nothing that gives you more energy than watching athletes who are passionate and who enjoy training and racing, being the best that they can be. There is nothing like the long term journey of supporting endurance athletes.
My sporting history As a latecomer to athletics I took up running at just under 15 stone as a 25 year old. Focusing mainly on distance running I am now a regular club runner, with over a 1/3 less body weight, with a main goal of a sub 2.30 marathon before 2016 draws to a close.

My greatest achievement was beating Nick Anderson at golf, once.
The best advice I was given Talent is a myth, success comes from consistency, hard work and specificity of training.