National Sportshall Championships

WADAC  had representation at the National Sportshall Championship at Sportcity, Manchester with Sam Roberts Under 13 Boys, Serena Charles Under 13 Girls and Grace Reid Under 15 Girls. They helped the Hampshire teams, who were representing the South East Region, to 2nd in the Under 13 Boys ; 3rd in the Under 13 Girls and 4th Under 15 Girls. Sam competed at the Speed Bounce finishing 9th, as well as the relay events. Serena helped Hampshire in the Vertical Jump as well as the tack events. Grace had a really good result in the 4 Lap race taking 8th equal placing as well competing at Speed Bounce and Vertical Jump. Unfortunately due to injury Amy Dawes who had been selected for the Under 13 team was unable to attend.

Steve Torrance


Sportshall Final League Match

Summary of Last league match Mountbatten Centre Portsmouth & Final positions

Under 11 Girls Team 3rd on day .A team 3rd Overall . Individual On day Grace White 3rd Emma Shedden 7th Grace Cahill 29th Jasmine Jones 32nd Lola Clements 37th Anisha Mathema 40th India Sherry 41st Holly Thomas 53rd . Relay 3rd. Grace White 1st 1 Lap 1st 3 Lap Emma Shedden 1st Hi-stepper.

Overall Grace White 4th . Emma Shedden 6th . Tuesday Bettridge 24th . Jasmine Jones29th . Anisha Mathema 30th . India Sherry 34th . Lola Clements  35th 

Under 11 Boys Team 4th on day . A team 4th overall B team 7th overall . Individual Billy Brackley 5th. Stan Parkinson 14th .Euan Holm 15th Oliver Eadie 35th. Relay 3rd. Billy Brackley 1st Hi-stepper 1st . 1 Lap 1st Speed Bounce 1st.

Overall BB 5th.  Jake Pasche 8th Euan Holm 12th. Toby Pace 16th. Joe Jarvis 17th. Max Carlisle 19th. Mikey Shaw 23rd. Oliver Eadie 26th.
Under 13 Girls Team 2nd on day. 2nd Overall. Individual Serena Charles 1st=. Alina Eichhorst 8th. Freya Brannigan 12th Sophie Torrance 13=. Amy Dawes 18th (only 2 events attempted). Abi Reid 20th. Relay 2nd. Serena Charles 1st 4 Lap. Sophie Torrance 1st Speed Bounce. Amy Dawes 1st= Vertical Jump. 
Overall . Serena C 3rd. Alina Eichhorst 7th. Amy Dawes 10th  Freya Brannigan 13th. Sophie Torrance 14th Abi Reid 17th .
Under 13 Boys Team 3rd on day. A team 2nd Overall B team 4th= Overall. Individual Sam Roberts 7th. Jonathan Eadie 12th= Sam Clifton 15th. Thomas Gudino 17th (injured). 2nd Relay.
Overall Sam Roberts 6th. Sam Clifton 11th . Frankie Diedrichsen 12th. Thomas Gudino 13th.
Sam Roberts 1st Speed Bounce.
Under 15 Girls Grace Reid 4th on day 4th Overall. 1st 4 Lap . Lucy Torrance 5th overall.
Steve Torrance

Sportshall South East Regional Under 13 & Under 15

At the Under 13 and Under 15 Sportshall South East Regional competition the club had Amy Dawes and Serena Charles in the Under 13 girls team along with travelling reserve Sophie Torrance. In the Under 13  boys WADAC had Sam Roberts competing and in the Under 15 category Grace Reid competed in the girls event Sam Brockway in the boys. Hampshire had an outstanding day winning the Regional Championships at both Under 13 competitions and also the Under 15 girls event. The prize for the winning teams is to represent the SE Region at the National Finals in Manchester in April.

The final Hampshire Sportshall League Match takes place on Sunday 13th March at the Mountbatten Centre Portsmouth


Sportshall Regional Championships


I went along last Sunday to Burgess Hill in Sussex to help team manage the Hampshire Under 11 teams at the Sportshall South East Regional match. 

WADAC was represented by Grace White & Emma Shedden in the girls event and Billy Brackley & Jake Pasche in the boys. 

The girls team were a magnificent equal 2nd place with Buckinghamshire behind the overall winners Surrey.  Grace ran really well to help Hampshire to victory in the 1+1 Lap and the 4 x 1 Lap relay, she also competed in the Speed Bounce event. Emma helped the team to 5th in the Hi-stepper (Medley Relay) and also contributed to the Hurdles and Grand Prix relays. 

The boys team were 5th in their event with Billy Brackley contributing to 4th place in the Hi-stepper (Medley Relay) and also the 4x1 Lap relay team to 3rd position, Billy also competed in the 6 Lap Paarlauf and Standing Triple Jump events. Jake Pasche was part of the Hurdles Relay (4th) and Over/Under Relay (3rd) and also competed in the Speed Bounce. 

This coming Sunday (March 6th) the Under 13 & Under 15 Sportshall South East Regional match is happening at the same Sussex venue and WADAC is being represented in the Hampshire team by Amy Dawes and Serena Charles in the Under 13 girls team with Sophie Torrance going along as travelling reserve. In the Under 15 girls competition Grace Reid has been selected.

Late additions to the teams for March 6th were Sam Roberts Under 13 Boys and Sam Brockway Under 15 Boys. Good luck to all.

Steve Torrance    


Sportshall update

Dear all.

The 3rd Hampshire Sportshall League match took place at Mountbatten Centre Portsmouth. The under 11 girls were 3rd on the day and reamain 3rd overall. Grace White was 5th individually and had best times in the both the 1 & 3 Laps events. She also got 3rd placed medal in the HiStepper medal event. Emma Shedden was 6th overall and won 1st place in the medal HiStepper. The under 11 boys were 5th on the day and are 3rd overall. Billy Brackley was 10th individually and won first place in the HiStepper medal event along with 2nd best time in the 3 Lap. The under 13 girls were 2nd on the day and are 2nd overall. Best placed U13G were Serena Charles 3rd and Amy Dawes 4th with Serena winning the Shot and Amy won the 4 Lap. Another win was gained by Sophie Torrance in the Speed Bounce. The under 13 boys were 3rd on the day but are 2nd overall. Sam Roberts was 8th & Iwan Wrey--Brown 10th. In the under 15 girls Lucy Torrance was 4th.

On Sunday 28th Feb the Under 11 Sportshall Regional match takes place in Burgess Hill Sussex and WADAC have 4 athletes selected for the Hampshire team Girls- Grace White & Emma Shedden. Boys Billy Brackley & Jake Pasche.

Steve Torrance

Sportshall Coordinator