Sportshall Results

Winchester & District AC young athletes took part in the first Hampshire Sportshall meeting at Andover Leisure Centre. Competing against teams from Portsmouth, Southampton, Havant, Andover Overton and Aldershot they performed really well.The star performance was achieved by the Under 11 boys team who managed first team position despite having an inexperienced team. The four scoring athletes were Jake Pasche 4th, Billy Brackley 5th, Toby Pace 12th and Euan Holm 13th. The relay team of Brackley, Pasche, Pace and Joe Jarvis were also victorious. Individually the best performances were-                                      Billy Brackley 1st Histepper13.03. 2nd 1 Lap 13.6. 2nd 3 Lap 44.6.                                               Jake Pasche 3rd Histepper 13.52. 4th Chest Push 5.25m .     Toby Pace 4th 1 Lap                                                       

The Under 11 girls’ team were 4th out of the 12 competing teams, again a very good achievement considering their inexperience. The scorers were Grace White 4th, Emma Shedden 9th, Tuesday Bettridge 25th & Jasmine Jones 32nd. The 4x1 Lap relay team of White, Shedden, Mia Greenway and Anisha Mathema were 3rd. Best Performances-Grace White 1st 1 Lap 13.6. 1st 3 Lap 42.9. 3rd Histepper 14.04. 3rd Chest Push 6.00m.  Emma Shedden 6th 3 Lap 44.8. 6th Histepper 14.34.Tuesday Bettridge 10th Vertical Jump 39.

In the Under 13 Girls competition WADAC managed 2ND place with Serena Charles 4th, Ella Popowicz 7th, Amy Dawes 8th & Alina Eichhorst 9th. The relay team of Dawes, Charles, Popowicz and Sophie Torrance was 2nd. Individual highlights-Serena Charles 1st Vertical Jump 52. 2nd Shot 7.46m. Amy Dawes 2nd 4 Lap 57.3. 3rd 2 Lap 26.1 .Ella Popowicz 2nd Standing Long Jump 1.94m.Alina Eichhorst. 1st Speed Bounce 79.Daisy Humphrey 1st Standing Long Jump 2.02m  Sophie Torrance 5th Speed Bounce 76.                                                  The Under 13 boys team were also 2nd and had Jonathan Eadie 8th, Tomas Popowicz 11th Frankie Diedrichsen 12th & Samuel Roberts 15th .

Best Performances-Jonathan Eadie 5th Standing Long Jump 1.98m   Tomas Popowicz 6th 2 Lap 27.5   Samuel Roberts 5th 4 Lap 60.5. Jacob Clements 4th= Speed Bounce 67.     Sam Clifton  5th Shot 7.00m



Sportshall 2015-16

The new Sportshall season training sessions recommences on Tuesday 1st September at Kings School sports hall 6.30-8.00. Training is for under 11,under 13 & under 15 athletes. Email invitations have been issued to all including the new under 11 athletes. There are four league matches throughout the season and also Grand Prix events at Fareham Academy. 


Development Group is on today 27th May at 6.30pm

Due to demand during the half term holiday, the group will run this evening at Bar End.


Final Sportshall Grand Prix

The 4th and final Sportshall Grand Prix took place at Fareham Academy and a band of WADAC young athletes competed at the event.

Sam Brockway in his first Sportshall season, had won the two previous Grand Prix under 13 boys events. This time despite an excellent score of 85 in the Speed Bounce he finished second to Wilf Mckenzie of Southampton. 

In the under 15 girls competition Lucy Torrance managed third place and won the Javelin with a personal best of 17.50m.  

There were four Winchester athletes taking part in the under 13 girls category. Back to Sportshall after an absence Ruby White managed a fine 4th place which included a 1.88m standing long jump which was 3rd best of the competition. In 5th place was Emelia Jarvis who excelled in the 2 Lap event with the 2nd fastest time. Sophie Torrance was 8th with her best effort being in the Speed Bounce with the 4th best performance. Nellie Carlisle in her first GP was in 13th position.                                                                                                                                                

In the under 11 boys Thomas Elliott gained good experience despite not achieving distances in the Long and Triple Jumps and finished 13th.                                                                                                     

The Grand Prix events provides great competition and experience of Sportshall and supplements the league competition very well.                                                                                                                                    


Sportshall League Match Fleming Park

Thanks and congratulations to everyone who took part and assisted at Sundays Sportshall League match at Fleming Park. Special thanks to Pippa Sherry, Ewan Simmonds, Jeremy Clifton,Tony Bateman and Sheryl Reid for their help with team managment, officiating and general help.
The full results of the match and overall results can be found at the Hampshire Athletics website.

Summary of the match and overall results

Under 11 Girls

Team 4th on day. 4th overall in league.
Leading Individual performances-
6 Lap Freya Brannigan/Abi Reid 1st 84.7
1 Lap Freya Brannigan/Abi Reid 2nd (Freya 3rd fastest time of the day 13.8)
Javelin Abi Reid/India Sherry 2nd (Abi 's throw 2nd furthest on the day 13.50m)

Under 13 Girls
Team 3rd on day 3rd overall in league. BRONZE MEDALS. Going into the match the under 13 girls were 4th overall and by beating Andover/Overton they achieved their 3rd place !
Leading Individual performances-
4 Lap Grace Reid 56.6 Emelia Jarvis 61.4 3rd. (Grace's run was the 2nd fastest of the day)
Speed Bounce Sophie Torrance 83 Ella Mae Popowicz 67 3rd. (Sophie's total was 2nd best on the day overall)
Shot Put Serena Charles 6.69 Ruby White 6.25 3rd.

Under 15 Girls
Lucy Torrance 3rd equal on the day 4th overall individual.

Under 11 Boys
Team 3rd on the day. 3rd overall in league. BRONZE MEDALS.
Leading Individual performances-
4X1 Lap relay 1st (Charlie Foster, Iwan Wrey-Brown, Frankie Diedrichsen, Sam Roberts)
Highstepper 1st Frankie Diedrichsen 13.34 & Samuel Cordon 14.26 (Frankies performance was fastest of the day)
Triple Jump Iwan Wrey- Brown & Samuel Cordon 2nd (Iwan's jump of 5.31 was the third best on the day)

Under 13 Boys
Team 2nd on the day. 2nd overall in the league. SILVER MEDALS.
Leading Individual performances-
Shot Put Sam Brockway 8.04 Samuel Clifton 5.18 1st. (Sam's throw of 8.04 was the longest throw of the day)
8 Lap Parlauf 1st Sam Brockway/Jonathan Eadie 113.1
Long Jump Sam Brockway had the third longest of the day of 2.10m.

Individual Winning Medals

Under 11 Girls 6 Lap Parlauf Freya Brannigan & Abi Reid

Under 11 Boys Balance Test Jacob Clements

Under 13 Girls 8 Lap Parlauf Sam Brockway & Jonathan Eadie.